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Hello, I am Amby Hunt. I am very honored and excited to be a part of Open Doors Community School.  I am looking forward to working with the students, families, staff, and community members to educate our youth.  I have worked in community schools in the past and find them to be invaluable to the educational career of our youth.

I am a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary and Kindergarten Education. I have taught in Pennsylvania and Hawaii, most of my experience has been in Maui, Hawaii. I began teaching in Hana, Maui at a small school in a remote rain-forest community.  The school was at the center of the community and we all worked together to educate the youth. As my career progressed I taught at other community based schools on Maui. I lived in Maui for thirteen years with my husband, three daughters, and step-son. I left Maui after my husband passed and moved to Pennsylvania with my daughters. I substituted in Boyertown, Pennsylvania while helping my father nurse my step-mother during her fight with brain cancer.  After the death of my step-mother I moved here to Marana, four years ago. Two of my daughters will be in high school and one in elementary school next year.  I have substituted in the Marana District, at Estes and Road Runner Elementary Schools for the past three years.  I have worked with communities in the past as a soccer and softball coach, Girl Scout leader and co-leader, sat on a softball commission, team and safety mom for softball, an advocate for parents in Special Education meetings, and a tutor.

I love living here in Marana.  The community reminds me of Maui, with their strong family ties and the openness of the community to help others.  My daughter’s and I have felt very welcome and at ease here.  I immediately was drawn to Open Doors because it is like coming home for me.  I think that the children and families are going to love this experience and we will all grow together as the school year commences.

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