Megan Zielinski


I am Mrs. Zielinski, the 3rd grade teacher. Since sixth grade, I wanted to be a teacher to help children learn and inspire others. I enjoy mathematics, language arts, learning new things, improving myself, and helping others.I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have now lived in Tucson, Arizona for one year and I am enjoying the sun. My family is still in Pittsburgh and I miss them often, but I get to video chat and communicate with them frequently.  In my free time, I bowl, read, Pinterest, sight see, spend time with friends and family, eat out and watch my home team, the Penguins, play hockey. I also am a Roadrunner’s fan (AHL Hockey in Tucson) and go to all of their home games. Starting July 1, 2017, I will be Mrs. Zielinksi.

I received my Bachelor’s degree at Slippery Rock University, in May 2013. I have substituted for three years at various locations; Pittsburgh Public School, Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children, and Propel Charter Schools. This is my second year as the 3rd grade teacher at Open Doors Community School and I am loving it.

I enjoy working at Open Doors Community School, where it truly feels like a community. We are all part of the children’s success. Students succeed when their teachers and their parents work as a team. Open Doors Community School makes communications easy between parents and teachers by being a small school and having a great afterschool program. My desire is to have everyone excited about learning, as much as I do. I want students to love learning, feel safe to be themselves, and essentially grow in character and academics. I am proud to be a part of Open Doors Community School.

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