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Hello! I am the 2nd grade teacher at Open Doors Community School (ODCS), and this is my second year of teaching! This is my fourth year working with ODCS, though; I started volunteering here in the Before School Program with Arizona Youth Partnership (AZYP) in August 2013, which is where I got started working with students. That experience made my decision to be a teacher clear, as I loved the entire atmosphere of the school; it’s truly unlike any school I had ever been to before or since, in the most amazing ways! I then became an AZYP employee in July 2014 for the After School Program, working with first grade. I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2015 with my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, which is when I was hired onto the ODCS teaching team (working alongside some of the most incredible mentors I had during my time in college)! I am beyond excited that I get to continue my teaching career in such an amazing, inspiring, and incredible school!

Outside of work, I love to read, write, and learn to play new instruments! I’m currently trying to learn to play guitar, but the only instrument I already know how to play is the clarinet, so it’s an adventure! I also LOVE theatre- musicals are my favorite. I’m a Phoenix native, and my parents and little brother still live up there, so I visit them and my dog Carmel (who is my baby girl) often! Here in Tucson, I live with two adorable cats, Spooky and Anna, who keep me on my toes! I’m definitely an animal person of all kinds, and enjoy leisure time outdoors, so I am loving the Tucson life!

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