Welcome to Our Tremendous Third Grader's Page

Events happening in 3rd Grade:

Here are two of our Flat Stanleys. We will soon be sending them on an adventure and learn how to write addresses. Our class is excited to see their return and learn about an area they do not live in. Stay tuned for our Flat Stanleys' return and adventures.

In Reading, we are learning about our universe. In one chapter, we read about the moon. We extended that by learning about the phases of the moon. We even heard a pretty awesome song about the phases of the moon. Click on the link to listen: Mr. Lee Phases of the Moon Rap


In one unit of reading, we read about shadows. We made sculptures. Then we went outside to see the statue's shadow and traced them.

Grading and Standards

Open Doors Community School Grades with a 5 rating skill listed below:


No Attempt Made


Falls Far Below




Approaching Proficiency





Student did not make an attempt to engage or learn material.

Even with help, no understanding or skills demonstrated

With help, a partial knowledge of some of the simpler details and processes, but major errors or omissions regarding the more complex ideas and processes.

With help, an understanding is developing of both the simpler and complex details, with minor errors regarding more complex ideas and processes.

No major issues or omissions regarding simpler information and/or complex processes that were explicitly taught.

The student demonstrates understanding and knowledge of all simple and complex skills and goes beyond what was taught to apply that knowledge. 

In third grade, students are learning a lot of new concepts here are some listed below:


  • Multiplication and division

o   Making groups, making arrays, repeated addition, and memorization

o   Multiplying 3 factors, associative, and communitive properties

  • Word problems using multiplication and division
  • 2-step word problems using all operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
  • Place value
  • Subtracting and adding 3 digits
  • Fractions

o   Equivalent, comparing and number lines

  • Measurement

o   Time, liquid volume, mass, length, area and perimeter


  • Fluency and comprehension
  • Compare and contrast themes
  • Determine the meaning of words in a text
  • Understand and explain the main idea, setting, sequence, cause/effect, and point of views.


  • Write opinion pieces with evidence
  • Write informative/explanatory texts
  • Use linking words and phrases (e.g. also, another, and, more, but) to connect ideas within categories of information
  • Go through the writing process (Brainstorm/Prewrite, First Draft, Revise and Edit, Publish)
  • Publish writing on the computer using a keyboard
  • Writing 3 paragraph essay (Introduction, Body, and Conclusion paragraphs)

A complete list of AZ standards can be accessed at: http://www.azed.gov/standards-practices/