Welcome Kindergarten Families,

          Welcome to your child’s classroom! I am Mrs. Sanchez. This will be my 5th year teaching Kindergarten. Which I cannot believe. I began my career working as an aide in Kindergarten and Preschool classrooms, so it was only logical that I would have a love for the little ones. While working I was completing my education and raising my 2 boys who are now 18 and 20. My husband and I cannot be more proud of them. I have lived in Marana for about 5 years and am a native to living in rural Tucson areas. I love the night skies, quiet mornings and coyote howling nights. My family loves to take sight-seeing trips that are spontaneous. We have a love for family time, board games, burgers and dogs.

          As your child begins this new and exciting journey in their life I am so privileged to help guide their way. Kindergarten brings new joys, fun, learning and responsibilities for the students and their families. I hope to do everything I can to ease everyone into this transition. I believe Kindergarten to be a foundation for many things from learning, to friendships, to problem-solving to interests. My goal for your child is to help them learn about themselves. I want them to learn what they like and don’t like, want they can and will be able to do one day. What helps them learn best and what they like to learn most of all. But most of all I want your child to believe in themselves. I am not here to hand out prizes for every good behavior and success. I am here to teach your child how awesome it is to succeed in their own learning and character.

Thank you for choosing Open Doors to begin your child’s education.

So excited to meet your child,

Mrs. Sanchez

Please visit https://kindeready.blogspot.com/ for more information about how to prepare your child for Kindergarten.This a blog I created for parents preparing their child for Kindergarten.

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