Arizona Youth Partnership (AZYP) has been engaged in education of children and youth since our inception in 1990. AzYP was founded to promote the social, physical and emotional health of children and youth in Arizona, to coordinate and facilitate the delivery of a broad range of prevention and early intervention social and education services to at-risk youth and their families through the supportive environment of the public school or alternative community sites in Arizona.

Open Doors Community School, founded by AZYP, specifically for the pursuit of a charter to operate a K-8 school to benefit rural, low-income and underserved youth in the Town of Marana is a natural progression of our education, prevention and early intervention efforts.

Over the past 20 years, AZYP has partnered with 26 different Arizona public school districts to provide afterschool programs, life skills training, teen pregnancy prevention classes and substance abuse prevention programs. Open Doors Community School represents an opportunity to integrate those proven programs into our own small public school environment focused on academic excellence, removing barriers to learning and opening doors of opportunity for our students and their families through the Community School model.