Our Mission

Open Doors Community School will equip students for academic achievement as they unlock their promise through an integrated focus on academics, life success skills and family/community engagement.

Our Values

  • Drive academic growth that builds and connects foundational knowledge.
  • Build student confidence and skills to relate positively to peers, family and community.
  • Open doors for students and families to opportunities that maximize student achievement.


Our Values

We value students and their ability to make choices for success; both academically and for all aspects of life.

We value a partnership with students, families, educators and the community that offers resources for student success to open doors to a healthy, positive and enriched educational experience.

We value effective communication skills for students. Open Doors Community School (ODCS) students will learn to communicate with purpose.

We value teamwork as a blueprint for strategy, communication, leadership and cooperation, which will contribute to student success inside and outside of the classroom.

We value instructional methods that apply the Core Knowledge Sequence. The Core Knowledge Sequence is based on the simple idea that knowledge builds on knowledge. It includes a body of lasting knowledge and skills that will support great reading comprehension, critical thinking and academic success.

We value teachers who ensure student success through creative and effective instruction and who will passionately join our efforts to strengthen families and communities. Open Doors Community School teachers will be dedicated to the school mission and open to learning and growth so that their professional knowledge contributes to a positive and successful outcome for all students. ODCS teachers will be equipped to use student achievement data to direct their classroom instruction and remediation to promote student growth and success. ODCS teachers will be professional decision makers trained in the Core Knowledge Sequence.