On behalf of the Open Doors Community School (ODCS) faculty and staff, welcome to our website! Whether you are a parent accessing our site for information or are considering enrollment at ODCS we hope you find the information available on our site to be beneficial.

ODCS provides a unique experience for both students and parents. Not only does our school aim to provide as much of an individualized and tailored experience for all students, but we pride ourselves on emphasizing the concept of ‘community.” With an abundance of resources and support from affiliates like Arizona Youth Partnership and grant funded programs like Friendly F.A.C.E.S, your choice to enroll your child at ODCS means that they will have support systems that are unmatched by any public school setting. One benefit of enrollment with ODCS we proudly guarantee small class sizes, granting each child greater and deeper access to teacher support. Additionally, ODCS provides free before and after school care, to include designated times for small group tutoring and homework help. This schedule accommodates not only working families, but gives our students a safe and productive option before and after school. This program also provides many fun and engaging opportunities for students, from special events to physical education, dance and arts & crafts.

Academically, the students are ODCS are challenged with curriculum that was thoughtfully selected for complete alignment to the Arizona Common Core Standards, with emphasis on rigor, depth and breadth across all grade levels. Teacher collaboration is not only a value, but very much embedded in the culture of business. Teachers are constantly working with each other to develop strong systems of support for students as well align curriculum across all grade levels. Additionally, we are in the process of developing a comprehensive assessment system to ensure we are monitoring student progress every step of the way.

Above all, ODCS is a place where students are safe, supported, and at the center of all we do! I am personally honored to be part of such an outstanding system! If you are a current parent here, thank you for making a choice to enroll your child at ODCS. We value and appreciate your commitment to your child and your ongoing support of your child and our school. If you are considering us, we encourage you to stop by the school and take a tour. Come see our work in action, anytime!

With Respect and Sincere Appreciation,

Mary Franco


Open Doors Community School

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